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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a FREE and user friendly website that can help teach machine learning to any type of learner.

In today’s world machine learning impacts the very way we think and work. Machine learning is advancing in all fields, whether it’s IBM Watson in the medical field or a stock market algorithm, helping save millions of lives and dollars simultaneously. Machine learning is being applied to robotics, social media, debugging, web searches, and even space exploration. It can be seen why it is so critical to learn machine learning.

This website helps to teach each major machine learning concept. For each concept, we walk through the numerous vital parts of this concept, how this concept can be programmed, a quiz on the concept, and most importantly, a video walking through the concept and program. This helps teach ALL types of learners machine learning, through text, program, quizzes, and a video. Not only this, but new applications of Machine Learning, that are applicable in student's lives everyday, is also discussed in this website. An article about applications is released weekly. It is recommended that you have a beginner/intermediate level of Python knowledge before learning Machine Learning.

Note: Basic Introductory Vocabulary and Concepts, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, and Neural Networks are the four major machine learning concepts and, therefore, they will have videos and quizzes attached.


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